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The World Crawl Itinerary is updated here at the start of each week. Please check at the beginning of the week you are joining us, and then again on the day of, to ensure you are up to date with the latest news. Please note that the itinerary may change from week to week. 

Our event team works tirelessly to create the perfect night out. We strive to put together the best schedule of parties that showcase a combination of local hidden gems and the World Class venues of San Diego. 

Each night is a journey, building energy as we go, from mix and mingle warm up spots, to posh ultra-lounges and ending at hands in the air dance till the sun comes up super-clubs. 


Always Remember:

Bring your picture ID. Only US Government issued ID or Passport is accepted. Please note, Mexico, Ireland and European Age Cards are NOT accepted anywhere in San Diego.

Itineraries and Amenities are subject to last minute changes.

Times are approximate, we do our best to stick to them.

For any other questions, please check our FAQ page.

Thursday | Latest Check in time is 11pm at Side Bar

Whiskey Girl

7:00pm Kick-Off

Coyote Ugly


Double Deuce






Friday | Latest Check in time is 11pm at AD

Whiskey Girl

7:00pm Kick-Off

Coyote Ugly

8:30pm Arrival


9:30pm Arrival


10:40pm Arrival


11:50pm Arrival

Saturday | Latest Check-in is 11:00m at Side Bar

Whiskey Girl

6:30pm Kick-Off

Double Deuce

8:00pm Arrival


9:10pm Arrival

Side Bar

10:20pm Arrival


11:45pm Arrival